Patriot Campers - Custom Trailer Cover

The wait is over! You asked for it and we made it happen!

Patriot Campers custom camper trailer covers. 

Our covers are designed to fit the X1, X1N, X1H & X3 model trailers with Maxtrax fitted - Less of a form fit if no Maxtrax mounts and trax on front box.

X1, X1N, X1H Trailer Cover - (OSFM) Has been designed to allow some flexibility in size to cater for Patriot supplied and fitted accessories, e.g. front mounted maxtrax, solar panels etc. Keeping in mind our X1N is the smallest of the X1 trailer range. Fitted with a third party roof top tent or accessories, this could alter the fit of our custom cover. If your style is the X1N with just roof racks the cover will be a looser fit. We have made this multi fit X1 cover with 2x adjustable straps that secure under the trailer, making the cover fit a wider range of models and options and still with a sleek secure look.

X3 Trailer Cover - (OSFM)The X3 cover has also been designed to fit without having to remove some options you may have like Max Trax mounts on the front box. Without the maxtrax the cover will have a looser fit and with the mounts etc it will be a snugger fit. This cover also secures with straps underneath the trailer and storage pockets.

Features included:

- Waterproof 

- UV fade resistant 

- Mould controlled under and outer layer

- Triple padded wear resistant patches for extra protection

- Patriot branded sleek decals 

- Reflective piping around zips

- YKK quality zips

- Neat side ventilated pockets

- 2 x Underbody straps which are adjustable

Orange front centre tag to make it super easy to find the front of the cover for easy fitment

Branded carry, storage bag 

Storage bag fitted with adjustable straps to secure cover in place, this makes doing up the zip a breeze 

Carry handles with velcro secure brace

Designed to taper around the wheel guard allowing you to move your trailer if needed without catching excess material on the wheel or damaging the cover.

All these tailored features are carefully designed to take the worry out of storing your Patriot and adding protection, whether in a garage, under a cover or outside in the weather.

Get yours before stock runs out!


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