BioLite HeadLamp 200 - USB Rechargable

No more need to carry alkaline batteries, the HeadLamp 200 from Biolite its the perfect entry into the rechargeable market. 

A minimalist design but maximum comfort and fit. Offering a 200 lumens output with 4 lighting mode options that include white spot dimmable, white strobe, red flood dimmable and red strobe. Recharge the lithium-ion battery via micro USB to get up to 40 hours on low and 3 hours on high of use.

Product Details

Weight 50 grams
Dimensions 5.8cm L x 3.7cm H x 2.5cm D
Run Time 40hrs LO/ 3hrs HI
Battery 700mAh Lithium Ion - USB rechargeable
Max Lumens 200 Lumens
Beam Distance Flood 8m - Spot 50m
Water Resistance IPX4
Ember Red

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