Personal Portable Solar Light.

If outdoor gear could be on speed-dial, this makes the list: portable, compact and durable, the SunLight will quickly become a go-to for your off-grid lighting. Offering up to 24 hours of light on a single charge, the SunLight's integrated solar panel offers unlimited light and versatile setup so you can leave your batteries behind and free yourself from rationing your energy. From illuminating your tent to setting the mood for your backyard dinner, the SunLight is a simple, powerful companion for any adventure.


  • Self-Charging Solar: 100 lumen dimmable panel recharges from integrated solar or from micro-USB input
  • Integrated Sundial: Maximise recharging speed with optimal alignment to the sun
  • Full Colour Mode: Access red night vision and a variety of colours for party lighting
  • 360 degree kickstand: Hang, stand or hold your light for whatever your setup requires

Product Details

Weight 95 grams
Dimensions 86mm W x 85mm H x 23mm D
Burn Time 24 LO/ 2.5 HI
Battery 2.8 WH (750 MAH) LI-ION
Charge Time Solar: 5-7 hours, USB: 1 hour
Inputs Micro USB charge in
Lighting Modes White, Full Colour, Full Colour Sequence, Dimmable
Max Lumens 100
IPX Rating IPX4

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