Stax- Large

All humangear Stax is a modular system of watertight stacking containers that click together with a simple, quick 180-degree twist for effortless organization. Each container features its own leak-tight lid, and there’s a removable ClipHandle on top. Take one, take a bunch — it’s your stuff, take what you want.

  • Containers and lids are made from an FDA food-safe #5 PP
  • Containers all click together and open/close with a simple 180-degree twist
  • Lids have silicone gaskets for superior sealing
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe containers
  • Lids click onto container bases to help stop them getting lost
  • Cylindrical form factor slips easily into pockets, water bottle holders, etc.
  • Easy-clean thanks to the heavily rounded container bases
  • ClipHandle securely attaches to a backpack

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